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Kingston Tree Removal FAQ

Unfortunately there times when a tree becomes too damaged from weather, disease, or insects, to the point that it can not be saved. Obviously, there are other reasons a tree would require to be removed, like if It’s grown to be too large for its present setting, or if the tree is causing damage to surrounding structures and property. If you find yourself put into a position to need to remove a tree for any reason, you'll want to remove the tree very carefully. Bert's Tree Service has the up-to-date equipment and safety-training to remove all trees of any size and in any location.

Here are some frequently asked questions about tree removal services.

Should my tree be removed?

It's often difficult for a homeowner to determine if a tree should be removed or not. If the tree has grown to the point where it is touching or causing damage to a nearby structure or other property, or if the tree appears to be leaning, damaged or dying. The only real way to be 100% sure if your tree should be removed or not is to call a professional Kingston tree services provider like Bert's Tree Service. We are trained to thoroughly and accurately evaluate your tree's situation and make recommendation's on what the best course of action would be for your tree, as well as for the safety and of your property.

What can I expect from your tree removal service?

Bert's Tree Service employs industry practice's and procedures to remove trees safely. Those methods include proper tree felling, trimming from the top of the tree down, and using proper heavy equipment when necessary to prevent damage from falling limbs. Our safety-trained tree experts know which techniques are appropriate for your tree removal situation. Once the tree is safely down, we can leave the wood cut up and ready for the fireplace or haul it away. With Bert's Tree Service You can trust our expert tree removal staff to manage this challenging service efficiently and safely.

Do I need a permit to remove a tree?

In some cases, yes, however Generally, Kingston Tree By-law's do not apply to existing residential properties. However homeowners should ensure that the tree they wish to remove is not located within the municipal right-of-way on their property and that it is not protected as part of a Tree Preservation and Protection Plan that may be part of their subdivision. The experts at Bert's Tree Service are familiar with the By-law's and can help you determine if you need a permit and proper procedures to get it.

I can get a quote from someone with a chainsaw who will do my tree removal for half the price, or just for the wood. Why should I hire a professional?

Be aware! Chances are they may be lacking education, safety experience, insurance, and tree skills which means they are putting you, your property, and themselves at risk. Tree removal is not one of Canada's most dangerous jobs without reason. We pride ourselves on our professional, affordable, quality tree work and would never take advantage of our customers by over charging them. We are a registered business with full insurance. We are educated with decades of experience in tree removal, the proper use equipment and the professional methods and techniques to remove trees without damage to property or loss of life. Again, this is a very serious situation and the cause of 33 out of every 1000 inexperienced tree worker deaths per year.

Next time you need tree removal services on your commercial or residential property, trust the Kingston Tree Service experts at Bert's Tree Service. You’ll receive a free service estimate on your tree removal project.

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