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Preventing Tree Root and Butt Rot

Preventing Tree RotTree root & butt rotting is among the most common of tree diseases that affect hardwood trees. A lot of fungi can cause tree root rot and some will even cause a considerable decay of the tree butts as well. Tree root rot is much more common with aged trees or trees that have had root or basal damage. Tree root rot thrives in poor soil conditions. Trees that have advanced rotting of the roots are more often unable to defend against weather conditions such as drought, extended periods of heavy rain, high temperatures, and high wind.

Root and Butt Rot Recognition:

Trees showing root and butt rot such as Armillaria root disease will usually show a combination of discoloration and/or loss of leaves, crown die-back, and a general unhealthy appearance. On the inside, a diseased root will exhibit a pattern of decay and discoloration. A diseased tree can live for several years without showing rot symptoms however more than often trees with an extensive root rot will simply decline and ultimately die within a few years.

Fungal bodies on or around the base of a declining tree is a root rot indicator.

Root Disease Prevention:

The only way to control tree root diseases is with prevention. Prevention can be as simple as taking care to avoid root damage and/or damage to the lower trunk. If planting a new tree in an area that any trees have died of root disease, be sure to grind and remove any old tree stumps and roots to minimize local fungus spreading to the new tree. The consideration of soil sterilization using an approved pesticide according to local conditions may also be appropriate prevention of new trees developing tree root disease.

Root Disease Control:

No effective treatment for curing already established root rot in trees are known. However careful tree crown thinning by pruning and fertilization can extend the lifespan of a diseased tree by reducing the demand of transpiration on the diseased root system and promoting an overall better health of the tree.

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