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Tips To Control Tree Diseases

Preventing Tree DiseasesAs a property owner in the Kingston area, you’ve most likely heard of several types of tree diseases that can mutilate and kill your trees. Unfortunately no trees are immune from the devastating diseases that occur naturally in our trees throughout south eastern Ontario.

However, there are some simple preventative measures that property owners can utilize to help control the spreading of these problems. Taking only a few of the following steps can help to keep your properties trees healthy for years to come!

Steps To Help Control Tree Diseases:

  1. The single most important step to avoid the spread of tree disease is to remove any problem trees that are dying, dead or decayed. Unfortunately by the time a tree is noticeably sick it is probably already dying. To cut a dying and diseased tree down and getting removing it will ultimately halt the spread of the disease.
  2. Another simple preventative measure is to spray fungicide on the trees in your property to eliminate the spread of any fungi. This preventative measure can stop the spreading of tree diseases such as Dutch elm and Oak Wilt before it can spread to any surrounding trees.
  3. In addition to fungicide spray treatments, spraying infected trees with an insecticide will kill any living insects and their eggs or larvae will prevent any spread of tree disease. It is always crucial to get to the insect offspring due to them being burrowed into the tree. They eat the trees sap wood underneath the bark and eat their way out as they age. Once these insects reach the surface of thee, the tree unfortunately is usually not savable.
  4. Perhaps the most obvious measure to prevent tree disease is that you can always try to consider planting trees that are resistant to these problems. However, if you already have mature trees on your property, this is really not an option at this point. Instead, you unfortunately may have to proactively sacrifice any problem trees and replace them with more resistant tree species that will help to keep the rest of the tree's on your property healthy.

We all love the many benefits that trees give us and try to do whatever we're able to ensure sure they grow as vibrantly as possible. However, always keep in mind that tree diseases are a natural occurring part of the environments life cycle. And one person’s tree will always be a food source to an insect. With this in perspective, sometimes it's more simple to realize that nature has its own ideas of how to control our environment, and all we're really able to do is take the initiative to try and keep it in check to protect our precious trees.

To this day people are still struggling to understand the science behind why tree disease spreads so quick, and with every new study showing us something new, we find that we are getting closer to fully understanding how we can protect our trees from an early demise. Until such a time, we will need to remain watchful of tree disease to not only try to preserve the trees in our backyards, but also those of our natural forests.

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