Tree Root Problems

Dealing With Exposed Tree Roots

Kingston Tree Care Surface RootsMany property owners are faced with the problem of exposed tree roots on their property. A Tree with roots that are growing on the surface of the ground usually make it challenging to landscape or even simply walk on. But also, exposed roots can even affect the health and growth potential of nearby grass and ground foliage. The usual course of action homeowners take to rectify an exposed tree root scenario is to either to cut the problem roots, or add additional top soil over the problem roots and replace or re-plant sod or other ground cover.

However, cutting the problem tree roots out is not advisable. Tree root removal and/or other root damage can accelerate top death on the side of the tree that the roots have been damaged. Cutting and removal of the tree roots can also allow rot and decay to the base of the tree.

Unfortunately the addition of supplemental soil can also be of harm to the tree. Adding additional soil to cover the problem roots will reduce the necessary concentration of soil oxygen which the tree roots need to survive. Such Tree's can begin showing negative resulting symptoms right away, or in time.

What Are The Symptoms Of Root Injury?

Kingston Tree ServicesCommon symptoms of tree root system injury that are visible can include smaller leaves that are "off color", showing fall colour prematurely, odd branches growing from the base or the roots of your tree, smaller dead or dying twigs spread though the tree's canopy, or even dead large branches.

Injury will depend on the trees species, maturity, overall health, root depth and fill material and drainage.

Hemlock and Birch tree species seem to be less vulnerable to damage by root fill, and Elm, willow and certain oak trees seem to be the least vulnerable. More mature and weakened trees however are more likely to be vulnerable to injury than that of younger, more healthy trees.

So How Can I Deal With Exposed Roots?

A preferred method of dealing with exposed roots is to cut a shallow bed around the perimeter of the problem root system, and cover the bed with a coarse mulch. Trying to re-establish grass in among exposed roots systems is unfortunately often difficult, if not impossible to do successfully.

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